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Key Takeaways from SAP SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference: Moving Logistics Forward, Together

Our team recently attended SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference, the largest global business technology event hosted by SAP and ASUG. During the three-day event, we took part in networking sessions, strategy discussions, and conversations with current and potential customers. The conference provided exciting insights into some of supply chain’s latest and greatest technology movements. If you didn’t have the privilege of attending, following are some key takeaways:

The Business Technology Landscape is Changing
Now is an important time in the logistics space. For those of us working in the logistics industry, the last few years have demonstrated that we are in the midst of a major turning point in digital business technology. This reality was emphasized at SAPPHIRE NOW this year, where today’s rapidly changing digital landscape was dubbed part of a “digital renaissance.” Innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Cloud ERP are fundamentally changing the way we approach core logistics functions.

For SCT, the growing adoption of these technologies is exciting news. Our best-in-class solutions are focused on unleashing digital transformation for our customers through the practical application of Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, and Cloud to logistics practices and processes.

Big Data is Powering Greater Efficiency and Insights
Throughout SAPPHIRE NOW, there was a continued emphasis on system intelligence based on big data and powerful data analytics as key drivers of intelligent enterprises. When it comes to emerging technologies in this area, SAP describes solutions that are capable of reacting in real-time to changing supply chain data. The increased quality and quantity of available data will enable next-gen capabilities such as text search, enhanced navigation, and even natural language processing.

At SCT, we understand the significant benefits of implementing truly intelligent software. Our CSO Cartonization Software harnesses Machine Learning to dynamically identify the best carton and configuration every time, while our xTRACK solution unleashes scalable, Big Data that empowers more proactive supply chain decision making. These innovations extend existing SAP Investments for even greater efficiency and impact.

A Comprehensive Global Strategy is Critical
The world in which we live and work is growing increasingly global. As such, it is fitting that many of the keynote addresses at SAPPHIRE NOW emphasized the significance of a robust global strategy, beginning with a holistic perspective on performance. Logistics professionals are able to obtain this holistic, global view through software that connects supply chain systems and analyzes operational data in real-time using Cloud technology. This comprehensive understanding of all parts of the supply chain gives logistics professionals a head start in advancing their global footprint and leveraging deeper insights to scale their success.

While many organizations are using Cloud technology today, most Cloud solutions are not fully optimizing it to fit their unique environment and needs. Ideally, organizations should be looking to integrate shipping and manifesting solutions directly with their existing Cloud environments in order to gain a clearer view of their shipping landscape. At SCT, we have seen the direct benefits of this type of approach from our Cloud-enabled XPS software solution, which acts as a natural extension of our customers’ existing SAP Cloud Strategies. Our commitment to Cloud continues with xTRACK, a Global Logistics Intelligence solution that unleashes scalable, high-velocity insights for some of the world’s largest global shipping operations.

Technology Evolution is Not Slowing Down
SAP SAPPHIRE NOW highlighted the importance of accelerating and scaling disruptive innovations—from Machine Learning to Blockchain, IoT, and more—for transformative outcomes operation-wide. At SCT, we share wholeheartedly in this sentiment and are delivering the practical solutions high-volume shippers need to transform their operations today.

Download our informative infographic today to learn more about how we’re harnessing best-in-class technologies to move our customers’ logistics operations forward.