CSO Cartonization Software

CSO Cartonization Software

Navigate the New Dimension with Optimized Cartonization and Parcel Packing Software for SAP®.

For high volume packing and shipping operations, even a small reduction in cost per order can deliver significant savings directly to the bottom line. In the wake of dimensional weight shipping, the opportunity for cost savings through the use of cartonization software has never been greater.

SCT’s shipping optimization and packing software, Carton Space Optimizer (CSO), optimizes your cartons and containers to eliminate waste, reduce shipping costs and improve customer service.

Dynamic Cartonization Logic, Built for SAP®.

Designed within SAP®’s ECC, EWM and TM environments, CSO’s cartonization and packing software eliminates guesswork by systematically recommending the most cost effective packing solution for each shipment, in line with business rules and shipping regulations.

Our software’s advanced cartonization logic dynamically determines the most efficient carton configuration by considering each item’s volume, dimension, fragility, weight and dunnage requirements, then comparing this data to the weight and dimensions of available cartons.

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CSO Cartonization Visualizer

Watch cartonization happen before your eyes.

SCT’s CSO packing software comes equipped with the CSO Visualizer, an intuitive tool that visualizes carton configurations in full dimension. This interactive feature enables users to see how each item is packed, including item level orientation within the packing container. As a result, clients can optimize their cartonization efforts, ensure that all packing configurations are optimized and visually instruct end users on how to pack even the most complex orders.

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Cartons to Containers,
Containers to Pallets.

In addition to identifying optimal configurations for every shipment, CSO applies its advanced cartonization logic to configure pallets that are used to hold items during transport. With our advanced packing and cartonization software, clients can eliminate unnecessary trips and ensure that items reach their end users as quickly as possible.

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Thinking Inside the Box:

An Intelligent Look at Cartonization

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Lower Costs.
Less Waste.

CSO cartonization software empowers customers to achieve significant year-over-year savings by consistently leveraging the lowest freight cost packing proposal, driven by their business rules, while also streamlining their pick, pack and ship process.

CSO can save
SAP® customers
or more in shipping costs.

Global Healthcare Company Takes Advantage of SCT Software’s CSO Software
to Optimize Its Pick and Pack Processes

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