Extend Advanced Shipping Functionality with An Easy-to-Access Browser Based Solution.

Managing shipping requests throughout your organization can be a complex and time consuming task that requires employees to access and enter redundant data across multiple carrier websites. By eliminating this duplicate data and improving accessibility, your organization can dramatically improve time efficiency and cost effectiveness.

pXPS extends the functionality of XPS, SCT’s industry leading shipping and manifesting solution, through a convenient and readily accessed browser based solution. With pXPS, SCT customers can tap into XPS’s value rich functionality from their desktop—without ever logging into SAP.

Multi-Carrier Requests.
One Unified Portal.

pXPS empowers employees throughout your organization to dynamically create shipping requests for any carrier through one standard portal, eliminating the need to navigate multiple carrier websites. In fact, pXPS users can manage batch shipping, shipment tracking, and manual label printing without ever logging into SAP®.

pXPS’s personal profiles eliminate the need for redundant data entry, improve data accuracy and reduce human error. As a result, your organization can alleviate employee burden while also increasing your bottom line.

one unified portal

Integrate with SAP® without Accessing SAP®.

Without requiring users to access SAP, pXPS dynamically stores all shipping requests in the SAP system to ensure easy reporting and auditing. pXPS can be tailored to each company’s unique requirements and processes to ensure that workflows are not disrupted and manual processes are minimized.

integrated sap

pXPS Compliance

Support Processing of Dangerous Goods and International Exports

pXPS’s workflow-based design walks users through a step-by-step process to support the processing of dangerous goods in the warehouse or mailroom. Plus, the solution’s built-in GTS integration ensures that international shipments meet export compliance checks and include all necessary documentation.

pxps compliance

The Functionality You Need.
The Simplicity You Desire.

pXPS’s intuitive design, navigation and value rich functionality support employees throughout your organization, dramatically simplifying and automating the shipping process.

With pXPS, clients can:

  • Create requests and process shipments from a convenient webpage
  • Eliminate the need to access multiple carrier websites
  • Access real-time shipping status information with the push of a button
  • Facilitate compliance checks and dangerous goods processing
  • Mitigate manual processes and maximize automation
  • Reduce costs and improve shipping budget allocation

Tap Into Greater Shipping
Efficiency and Control.

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