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Extending Your Supply Chain Cloud with Multi-Carrier Shipping & Manifesting

Think of how many products are shipped throughout the world every day. In 2017, Amazon shipped more than 5 billion items through its Amazon Prime offering. Now, consider that for every product shipped, high-volume shippers must manage complex logistical processes, a multitude of carriers, fluctuating freight estimates, and compliance requirements—all while delivering products to end customers more quickly than ever. For a high-volume shipper, a single day of shipments can amount to thousands of variables that need careful management and optimization.

The cloud is the vehicle by which high-volume shippers are powering a digital supply chain strategy focused on meeting increasing carrier and customer complexities. In fact, cloud technology is proving so valuable when applied to the supply chain that 80% of logistics professionals are already using or are considering cloud-based applications. Enterprise cloud solutions like SAP’s touch virtually every aspect of the supply chain, providing a foundation for digital transformation that can be powerfully augmented by intelligent solutions that address key aspects of shipping processes.

The Cloud and Your Digital Supply Chain

While many supply chain operations are cloud capable, the majority do not have the right capabilities in place to take full advantage of all the cloud has to offer in a high-volume shipping environment. Even though a vast majority of logistics professionals are using cloud-based applications, the average supply chain’s level of digitization is only 43%, showing a missing link in applying and optimizing cloud technologies.

One missing link for maximizing the cloud’s impact is shipping and manifesting—an area with specialized requirements that are dramatically impacted by cross-carrier and customer realities. Today’s rapidly evolving shipping environment is more challenging than ever before. In order to manage the ever-evolving multi-carrier environment while still delivering items quickly to please customers, shippers must be able to view and alter every process at a moment’s notice.

By integrating next-gen shipping and manifesting solutions directly into their existing cloud environments, shippers can quickly achieve an integrated view of their shipping landscape, automate and optimize carrier selection, and track shipping status throughout the entire supply chain.

Elevating Your Cloud’s Capabilities with XPS™

XPS™ extends shippers’ SAP cloud strategies with best-in-class shipping and manifesting functionality that is designed for a multi-carrier, customer-centric world. This sophisticated solution radically simplifies and streamlines high-volume packing and shipping processes while automating carrier selection from 200+ global carriers and providing complete visibility and traceability over shipments anywhere in your supply chain.

XPS is built specifically to fit into any existing SAP cloud environment, in which it facilitates seamless integration with carrier systems and leverages SAP data to create and coordinate cross-carrier communication through one, intuitive interface.

As a result, XPS™ empowers high-volume shippers to rapidly embrace the full potential of the SAP cloud to reduce costs and drive greater satisfaction. In fact, one XPS customer cited a $100,000 ROI in three short months.

Download our informative infographic today to learn more about how XPS from SCT Software delivers cross-carrier shipping and manifesting to improve efficiency and customer service.