Automate Multi-Carrier Processes with Parcel Shipping & Manifesting for SAP®.

Gone are the days of carrier supplied software and manual processes. In a multi carrier world, the efficiency of your parcel shipping and manifesting efforts hinges upon the ability to integrate and automate the entire shipping process.

SCT’s multi carrier parcel shipping and manifesting solution, XPS, empowers you to automate your shipping processes to increase supply chain efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service.

End-to-End Shipping and Manifesting, Built for SAP®.

Designed within SAP®’s ECC, S/4HANA, EWM and TM environments, XPS provides SAP users the ability to route, pack, ship and manifest deliveries from within their existing SAP landscape. Leveraging your current SAP ecosystem, XPS software requires no middleware or third party applications.

As a comprehensive packing and shipping solution, XPS enables SAP customers to automate their entire shipping process. XPS can be used in the logistics process as early as order entry to help determine carrier and service levels and provide shipping cost estimates. XPS then guides users through packing, shipping, label generation, manifesting, track and trace, invoicing and freight cost auditing.

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end to end shipping manifesting

XPS™ Architecture

One Simple Interface for Complex Shipping Processes.

XPS empowers end users to manage their most complex shipping processes in a simple, quick and intuitive manner. As the integration point between your SAP® system and carrier systems, XPS leverages SAP data to create and coordinate messages across carriers. This synergistic process generates the necessary shipping documents and labels while storing critical shipping data in your SAP system.


Eliminate Bottlenecks. Enhance Customer Service.

XPS eliminates bottlenecks and supports the delivery of higher quality customer service by enabling customer service representatives to access accurate freight estimates and order information throughout the entire shipping process. As a result, they can proactively address late deliveries and send customized emails to end customers, internal sales teams and logistics coordinators.

enhance customer service


End-to-End Parcel Shipping & Manifesting Across Multiple Modes and Carriers

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Transform Efficiency.
Increase Profitability.

With XPS, global manufacturers and distributors can streamline the logistics process while achieving significant year-over-year savings.

With XPS, clients can:

  • Simplify, streamline and automate the packing and shipping process
  • Achieve comprehensive visibility across carriers
  • Increase efficiency and improve accuracy
  • Improve automation and control of small parcel shipping activities
  • Maximize return on their SAP investment

One customer
reported a
ROI from XPS in
three short months.

Transform the Efficiency
of Your Shipping Operation.

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